Corporate Travel Insurance Australia Wide

Everyone travels. Take out an annual corporate travel insurance policy and have the peace of mind that you and your employees are covered.

Generally, cover kicks-in when you are 100km away from your base of operation (eg the business premises). As an added benefit, Directors and their partners and children are also covered for leisure holidays around the world.

Corporate Travel Insurance can help to cover out-of-pocket costs to a business and its employees when travel doesn’t go to plan. Take out a Corporate Travel Insurance policy with Matrix Insurance and never worry about arranging travel insurance each and every time you travel, as this policy will cover you on an annual basis.

Who needs it?

Any client who travels for work, or has employees who travel.

Who it covers

All directors and employees of a business, as well as spouses and dependent children travelling with them.

What’s covered?

Similar to personal travel insurance, Corporate Travel Insurance can cover unanticipated travel costs when specific events covered by the policy occur. These may include:

  • Overseas medical and evacuation
  • Flight cancellations and missed connections
  • Lost luggage and personal effects
  • Rental car excess
  • Loss of deposits
  • Personal liability
  • Cost of replacing an employee
  • Replacement workers compensation

Watch out!

Corporate Travel Insurance policies vary greatly in the countries and situations they cover, and the benefits they provide. Insurers can also have restrictions or exclusions for pre-existing health conditions.

To ensure you get the best possible Corporate Travel policy for you and your business, contact one of our Corporate Travel Insurance experts today on 08 6555 7742.

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