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Farms come in all different shapes and sizes. Matrix Insurance can arrange policies to protect both your personal and business property and the associated activities, providing peace of mind and financial protection against a wide range of insured events all in the one package.

Matrix Insurance can arrange Farm Packages which allow you to tailor your cover to exactly what you require, meaning that you only pay for the cover you need. Unlike many other rural insurance agencies, Matrix Insurance is not aligned to any insurance company which means that we broke your farm insurance program out to a number of insurance companies who can offer farm pack insurance, giving our clients more choice of insurers.

What does a farm insurance pack cover?

Fire and other defined events
The cover provides for replacement value of your farm buildings, machinery, fencing, hay, livestock and contents against such events as fire, storms and other defined events.

Domestic home and contents
We can also include your domestic home and contents and other domestic dwellings under a Farm Insurance Policy.

Additional working costs
A fire, storm, or other defined event could severely cripple a business. We can offer cover for the additional expenses you will encounter to maintain your normal business activities based on the turnover from previous years. This will ensure your business will continue to operate even in the event of a major disruption.

Property in transit
This cover is designed to protect your assets while they are in transit to and from your location. This includes livestock, equipment, produce and supplies produced.

Burglary or theft
This cover will protect your farm from loss or damage due to burglary or theft of farm contents and equipment.

Broadform liability
This cover protects you from the cost of liability actions for both property damage and personal injury.

Personal accident and illness
At Matrix Insurance, we know that your health is the most important thing when running a farm. Farm insurance can include cover that would assist you financially until you can return to work should you become sick or hurt yourself.

Machinery and electronic equipment
Farms have a range or machinery and electronic equipment, from water pumps to large irrigation systems. A Farm Insurance policy can protect you against breakdown of machinery or electronic equipment.

Motor vehicles
Motor vehicles keep your business moving, whether they are cars, trucks, utilities, trailers, tractors, forklifts or mobile machinery. Matrix Insurance can arrange cover for these, whether you need a full comprehensive agreed value or Third Party Insurance.

Tax audit
In some instances, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) will conduct an audit on your business. This type of cover can assist you in the fees associated with this audit.

For more information on Matrix Insurance Farm Insurance Packages or for a Farm Pack quote please contact one of our friendly team on 08 6555 7742.

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