Transport Insurance in Perth

As a national insurance brokerage, we serve transport and logistics industry clients across Australia from our offices in Perth. Focusing primarily on small to medium-sized businesses, we offer a fully bespoke service that is designed to ensure all of your needs are met at the right price. If you need comprehensive transport insurance in Perth or anywhere else in Australia, please feel free to call and speak to one of our advisors right now.

All Types of Logistics Insurance in Australia

We help companies to find all types of logistics insurance policies in Australia, including those designed specifically for road, rail and marine transportation operations. Whatever your needs may be, get in touch with us now to discuss your insurance options with one of our logistics industry experts.

Finding Competitive Logistics Insurance in Australia

With access to more than 120 insurers and underwriters across the country, we are ideally placed to help our clients find highly competitive policies that meet all of their needs. Having taken the time to acquaint ourselves with your requirements, we will fully explore all of the available policy options and identify those we feel are right for your business.
The total cost of your logistics insurance policy will depend on a number of factors, including:
  • Fleet Size and Vehicle Types – It will, of course, cost considerably less to insure a small fleet of utes than a large fleet of semi-trucks. When calculating the cost of cover, insurers and underwriters will take both the type and number of vehicles that you operate into consideration.
  • Type of Goods Transported – The type of goods that you transport will also be considered. A company that transports flammable liquids in large tankers can expect to pay more for their policy than a firm that specialises in the transportation of clothing, for example.
  • Routes Taken By Your Drivers – When determining the cost of logistics insurance in Perth or anywhere else in Australia, insurers and underwriters normally take transportation routes into consideration. Some routes may pose specific risks that result in higher premiums.
  • Locale – The location of a company’s storage depots and transportation hubs will affect the cost of cover in most cases. Inner city locations where crime figures are higher will normally be more expensive to insure than rural locations with little to no local crime.
  • Preventative Measures in Place – This can be considered as one of the most important factors as it is the one over which you have the most control. Well protected warehouses and vehicles fitted with the latest tracking technology will normally be cheaper to insure than storage depots and trucks that have little to no protection.
Various other factors that are specific to your business or location may also affect the overall cost of your transport insurance in Australia.

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