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Getting the right insurance package for your country pub

Posted on June 29, 2021 | by | Posted in Insurance

Getting the right insurance package for your country pub

Business owners will recognise the value of a good insurance policy that covers their needs.

But if your business is niche, such as a country pub, it’s highly recommended that you go through a specialist hotel and pub insurance broker to ensure that your policy is set up correctly and you get the most competitive premiums available. Being with a specialist pub broker means that they have the knowledge and availability of insurers, so you can be reassured you are only paying for the cover you actually need.

Why use a specialist insurance broker?

A specialist broker will go out of their way to understand your unique business insurance needs. In the case of a country pub, an insurance package needs to take into account what the risks for the business are. These may include:

  • Fire and property damage from storm, electrical mishaps etc
  • Malicious Damage, vehicle impact (more common that you think!)
  • Theft and money stolen from premises
  • Business Interruption claims if your property is damaged and you cant trade
  • Breakdown of critical equipment. Eg Coolroom, and beer systems
  • Injury to workers while on the job
  • Cyber hacks and theft

Once the unique risks have been identified, a broker can then tailor a package to suit.

Matrix Insurance Group’s tailored packages 

Insurance policies can be complicated, and often can be difficult deciphering the information to determine what you do and don’t need. It is important therefore to use a trusted insurance broker such as Matrix Insurance Group, who will determine the level of cover you need, and help you understand the details of your policy.

Ensuring you have the right amount of cover is vital, but you don’t want to be paying extra if you don’t need to.

Many country pubs are large, federation-style hotels, meaning that if you are responsible for insuring the building, it becomes very important to insure for the full replacement value of the building. 

Matrix Insurance Group will recommend you have a professional Building Replacement Valuation undertaken to guarantee you are insuring the building and contents for the correct amount. This will help you avoid under-insuring, and then missing out on full compensation in the event of a loss occurring.

Matrix Insurance Group can also advise on your public liability insurance needs and then design a package that suits. Country pubs don’t fall into a “one size fits all” policy when it comes to public liability insurance, so it is important to consider your individual needs. Matrix Insurance Group will also work with you to ensure you pay the lowest possible premiums on your public liability insurance.

Discuss your needs

The team at Matrix Insurance are more than happy to discuss your insurance needs and find you the right policy for your country pub. Contact Matrix Insurance Group today to set up an appointment.

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